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New St Ordered

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Well I've done it, PB ST-3 with 2010 spec has been ordered.

Pushing for standard silver wheels, will have to wait and see. Otherwise will see if anyone fancies a swap. If anyone fancies panther black wheels please pm me

All in is costing me £16860, pretty good deal.

First mod will be eibach springs, how much a I looking at fir these?
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How did you get it for that price mate? Thats very good!

The springs are £135 from a Ford dealer I believe the finis you need is 1440882.
Another military sale... Makes me feel bad because I know the prices that are charged to Joe Public.

Cheers for the code on those springs
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Dont ask ford to fit the springs though, They charge stupid prices...up to £400!
Does 2010 spec come with black wheels? Congrats on your new purchase. How long till you collect?
Hi there, yes 2010 spec comes with black wheels and loads of other things like dds, climate control, vis pack, priv glass. Once I am able to I'll stick the spec sheet on here (if allowed).

Hopefully collect next week, sorting out finance at the moment.
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