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New North West Regional Rep Appointed

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As you are all aware the club has been looking to appoint a new North West Regional Rep to follow on from the great work Rick has done in the area and we are pleased to announce that we have choosen thestumper (Simon) for the role.

A big thank you goes out to all candidates who applied for the position and the staffs decision on this occasion was to offer the position to thestumper.

Most of you already know thestumper as he is an active member within the club and for those who dont know him i am sure you soon will.
He has a lot of enthusiasm for the
and our club and has great ideas for next year for the North West Region so lets hope all the North West members will support him in his new position.

I am sure you will all join the staff in congratulating thstumper to his new role and we wish you all the best with all our support.


John & Staff Team
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Congratulations Simon, best of luck and have fun!
Well done mate

Good luck in your new role within the club
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i think i was talking to you at blackpool in the car park ,
was it you and your wife who were talking about her kerbing some wheels ?

anyway looking forward to some more meetings now
Great news

Well done for taking up the role Simon, we've all been lost at sea since Rick stood down lol
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I am no longer the New Rep on the scene!!! LOL!!

Congrats mate, well done
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Thank you for the warm welcome.

I have a few ideas for the North West and the club as a whole, which I will post up as soon as I sort some more details. I know the other reps/staff already help each other out when they can with meets and all things to do with the club, but it's not just about the reps or the staff it's about everyone who is a member of this club to help make the club bigger and better and I hope I can do my bit along with the North West members.

If you have any problems or idea's please PM me and I will do my best to help.

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