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Hi All

As you all know the club now generally comes under the name or site portal of The main reason we choose to do this was to make things easier to handle, organise and maintain.

As most of you will be aware we have been busy behind the scenes trying to update all the sites to the latest software in our continued effort to keep things moving forward. Along with the software improvements we have also started to appoint a new network team of generic staff members that will be helping to run the network and ensure the individual site staff have all the support they need.

I'm pleased to announce that Amanda Lewis will now be heading up the Events. Considering the size of Ford Fair 2009 it has become extremely important that we organise these events more efficiently and Amanda has offered her skills to the network so that we can continue to grow the attendance list of shows like Ford Fair and to organise a few extra shows throughout the year.

Amanda has been with the Focus ST Club for sometime now and has made the South Wales region very much her own. Amanda will be sticking with the South Wales Regional Rep role for the time being whilst helping to develop her new role as the Networks new Events Manager.

I hope you will all congratulate Amanda in her new role and will help her wherever she may need it along the way.

Scott & Jim

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Many Thanks you all for all your wishes and support.

No doubt I will be calling on you all at some point for you help, expertise, input & thoughts.

If anyone has any suggestions, how to improve, what to include etc any of the events we already attend, please pm with your suggestions, like wise if there are events you think we as a club should attend, please send me details.

Best Regards.

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well look at you all green now, events manager very nice

congrats with the new role, i know you will do a great job, even more so after you lined up all those cars at fordfair and coombe

im sure you will enjoy it too.

oh yea you just need a green rs now to complete the green package
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