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Hey i have just become a member of the forums as i needed ideas of how to tweek my
when i got it
the thing is i have myself a ford focus zetec 1.6 which is a nice motor and im stuck paying that off for 5 years so hopfully in 3 i will change and become a full
which i cant wait for because there are only little difference's between the models but makes it look alot more attractive, its only my second car i have owned but i fell inlove as soon as i drove it, the handling is so much nicer and it picks up speed for what it is.. so i have found my make of car just need the
to make it complete whooo
hope to hear from alot of you in here and just ask me any questions if you would like to know anything cheers

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Hiya Joe and
to the
club - if you spend the next 3 years on the forum reading up you will be an
expert when you pick it up
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to the club.

3 years ? That's a long wait. Mind you, the
is worth it.
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along. Enjoy the wait! Read as much as you can on here and you'll have a very good idea of what to look for when its time.
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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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