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Hi Guys,

Just been to look at a Focus ST in Harlow this morning. I've since had a look again on the web site when I got home and saw it had this web address across the back window.

The Reg of the car I looked at is LL08 *** not sure if anybody knows anything about the car at all? Any info would be great.

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Hello and
to the club

If the
had club stickers displayed somebody somewhere will know the car
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Hiya Brad and
to the

Sorry I can't help with any info about the car - but if I was trying to sell a car that I had treated badly I would certainly remove any owners club stickers where people might tell future buyers about my bad behaviour in it - hope this helps
(and makes sense, it's late
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to the club Brad good luck in your search for the previous owner
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Cheers for the welcome guys!

Went and put the deposit down today so hopefully will be collecting on Sunday (not around before that
) I can't wait now!
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Brad. You're going to love it, trust me. I've had mine 3 weeks now and the smile hasn't left my face since since the minute I picked it up!
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Welcome along Brad you`ll soon be behind the wheel and grinning from ear to ear.
Brad to the
club only five more sleeps
enjoy the
as others have said you wont stop grinning
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