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Nearside, Side-skirt Damaged.

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Anyone know if i can buy one side-skirt on its own?

Bloke near me can fit it and get the Ford paint. Think while he's doing that, i'll get him to piano black my grills and diffuser.

Scaffolding outside my workplace caught my skirt. Some ******* parked outside the work gates, and my mate was seeing me through. I dont think he see a small bolt type thing sticking out, and bam! It cut down the back half of the side-skirt.

Could be worse. Lucky it wasnt the metal work.

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Sounds like you got away easy mate,

I would just make sure the bloke you get to do the work is good enough wouldnt want it spoilin the look of the motor some bad body work

as for the parts you local dealer will defo be able to get the part and it most likely comes colour coded so will be a perfect match but it will probably be costly!

Good luck anyway.
You'll be able to get one from a dealer mate, but they wont already be painted.
When i damaged a side skirt I got a replacement via a Uk Assistance Accident Repair Centre that is near me, they got it from a Ford dealer then primed and painted it for me - they are a dodle to fit yourself.
Cheers for that info.

Yeah the bloke who runs his own workshop, is really good. Plus he does cash in hand.

Im off for a week next week so will sort it.

Got Silver Duck Tape over it just now.

Cheers again!
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its a shame you'r after the near side, i've just had mine repaired and i'm left with a spair brand new offside skirt.
I know this is for the pre face lift but gives you an idea of potential price, and
it will need painting

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Cheer for the link, Chris.

I looked at Pumabuild and thought "glad they do a single one".

Gonna get some quotes today.
Well, called Essex Ford's body shop today.

I nearly fell off my chair.

For one near side skirt £155 then painted and fitted, just a few pennies over £300. GULP!!!!

Wont be using a Ford dealer.

£95 from pumabuild sounds better. Time i get my local bloke to paint and fit it. Total will be about £150 cash in hand.
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