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2015 (65) ST-2 TDCi 185ps Estate in Deep Impact Blue
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Just came across a photo of my old Cossie and my friends RS Turbo`s at
RSOC National Day at Donnington (22/09/91) caught the Helicopter nicely
in the background as well.Wish I still had that car.馃槩 馃榾

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That would have been my first choice of car during those times had finances been more favourable, loved the Magenta colour and the 4x4 Sapphire Cossie, had to make do with a poorer option of a Magenta Orion 1.6i Ghia with a replica Sapphire Cossie spoiler, loved that car, but was definitely no Cossie.
Would love to have an example of my 1st fast Ford right now, Silver Mk2 XR2.

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The best bumper sticker I remember was 鈥渢his is Ford country, on a quiet day, you can hear Vauxhall鈥檚 (馃ぎ) rusting 鈥. 馃槅
Or running away and hiding in terror/cowering in the loving arms of a certain Tangerine Scream ST owner..... (delete as applicable) ;)

They must rust damn loudly then to drown out the noise of Focus ST rear wheel arches rusting away like mine are doing..............:mad:
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