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Well it was that time of the year again, the letter popped through the door. This is the first time I have insured my ST for a whole year, as I just bought it in August. I opened and read for my wife`s 1.4 corsa and my ST and it said £618.20 !!!! Wow I thought, a bit more than what I had imagined. I went onto their website ( I wont name them but the guy has a parrott on his shoulder) and punched in all my details but with my wifes name and the quote was £510. I decided to phone them and was put through to their customer services, which is based in Canada, and said what I had done and why was there a difference of over £100? The very nice woman said she would look into it and phone me back.
Now about 9pm I get a call from her and she said that she would like to go over a few details before giving me the updated quote. I went over everything and she said fine, the new price is £456 for both cars....... I thought wow, saving £162 from my quote and nearly £75 on my previous years cover.
So what I am trying to say is dont accept their quote and see what they can do for you, as I am £160 better off.

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