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Maybe basic to the pro, but I need to drill my first hole and maybe cut a wire or two... My St is only two weeks old, it's like my baby

Satnav tried out last Saturday - TomTom Go Live 540, first one was ******** from the box, sim card kaput, but replacement inbound and due for delivery before 1PM Friday.

My first trip with the satnav was to the South Coast last Saturdy, Bexhill-On-Sea; with youngest Son (20) completely critical of my gear control and wife smitten with new Chihuahua in the rear. The Satnav was the only one agreeing with me, we both went the same way !! After that initial journey I had been looking for a fitting service, I can't possibly trust Halfords and no others jumped off the web, so I have decided to have a go myself.

Parts ordered.
· Active Dock Holder with Tilt Swivel.
· ProClip.
· Inline fuse.

Saturday morning (subject to all parts being delivered), I'm installing that satnav. It's my first real addition; the foot well lights were an easy mod, almost plug and play. I only expect to have to drill one small hole in the front passenger's foot well facia for the power supply. The ProClip should just clip in place.

I'll take pictures and post them, any advice before I start is welcome. I have to go to Edinburgh Sunday afternoon (without my car) and won't be back until Thursday, so if I'm a bit slow responding, sorry in advance, but I will keep a check on saturday for any comments.
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