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My 06 St....

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Well I've had my ST 2 weeks now and.....Love it

one problem so far the car stereo wasnt working - display was on but no sound...had it repaired now - wires were hanging out of the back of it !?!!? no worries - now I have cracking sound - cant believe the difference between my old focus diesel stereo and this - not that I want to listen to that over the sweet purr of the engine !!!!

another issue I have noticed there has been a scrape with a key or something along one side of car - the garage had obviously masked it with wax when I collected it - guess I'll just have to give her a polish up
And if I ever catch anyone try to do this again I'll lynch them

anyone got any tips on car wax etc
also how often do you have your ST serviced ?

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Hi there,

Glad you're enjoying the car.

Regards servicing it's every 12 months or every 12500 miles. Whichever comes first.

Regards car cleaning/waxing etc. Have a look in the 'car care and detailing section' of the forum. It's within the technical section.

In order to have access to the Technical section, you need to be an Owner Member which can be purchased through the club shop for just £10 per year. This will also give you further access to additional areas of the forum, as well as to group buys, the chatroom and shoutbox amongst others.

To purchase Owner Membership, follow this link:

Kind regards,

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