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Mums Ford Fiesta Cut Out Problem

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Hey all, I know its not a ST but some of you are rather knowledgable so might have an answer. My mums got an 08 Ford Fiesta Zetec and she keeps having a problem with the engine cutting out..

Its been in Fords allday trying to be rectified but they cant find a problem.

She's saying that its now happened 5times in the last 2 weeks, When she comes up to a junction or dips the clutch the engine just dies completly. It starts up again fine and as said before its rather intermittent and not every time. Apparently yesterday she turned into a park entrance and it happened again and the power steering cut out nearly making her crash into some big steel gates. You know what mothers are like and she doesnt really want to drive the car anymore incase it happens again!

Anyone got any ideas what it could be???

Thanks in advance
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Seen similar problems on a variety of different cars.

It was nearly always crud in the throttle body.

For a quick, relatively cheap fix, clean the inside of the throttle body. If this fixes the problem, you could look at replacing the throttle body next time it occurs.
Seen 'crud' in carburettors causing strange probs (and a spiders leg from and old fuel pump I fitted lol)

Had a 'weak' ignition module on mrs. Fiesta but it finally went. The car would stall a lot, run a bit
on warmup etc. months before
Fairy easy to diagnose once it had gone and when I put a new one on it was better spark and run better.

Check all the obvious too, take off spark plug leads and put back on. Seen some missing from lose leads (but usually obvious!)

Maybe borrow the car a bit and find out first hand whats happening etc. ?

I cant beleive Ford didnt give you an answer!
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