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cant seem to get my sony 1st generation 6 disc head unit to play mp3's. i already had some mp3 discs burnt from another car and they worked fine in that but wont play in the ST. it starts counting but you get no sound. i have tried different types of disc and using windows media player, explorer and i tunes, same result everytime.
what am i doing wrong?

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For the avoidance of doubt....

The green screen Sony 6-CD unit will NOT play MP3's.

The green screen Sony SINGLE CD unit WILL play MP3's.

BOTH the newer, red screen Sony units (usually found in the facelifts, and some VERY late pre-facelifts) play MP3's.

In the OP's defence, I agree the manual supplied with the green screen Sony units is not very clear. I had the same misunderstanding when I bought my car.

Your options are simply to plug an iPod into the AUX port, change the 6-CD unit for a single slot green screen unit (that will play MP3's), or change the headunit to something completely different.

I upgraded my green screen 6-CD Sony unit to one of the later red screen 6-CD units - I can play MP3's all day long now.
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