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Got round to fitting my new recirc valve this morning. Took a look at doing it last week while changing the wheels and chickened out due to the tight space, thought there was no way my lummox mitts could work in there but I went back to it today and it was surprisingly easy with the right tools, took about 45 mins total.

For anyone attempting the same or fitting any other kind of valve (Turbosmart, Forge etc) I'd recommend undoing the bolt holding the headlight levelling sensor to the wishbone as this allows it to drop down and gives a bit of extra room to get your hand in. Also disconnecting the connector for the wires in front of the valve that sits just below it to the right allows them to be pushed up and out of the way otherwise they're very obstructive. Lastly, having some long handle offset log nose pliers and a extra long 5mm ball end allen (essential) help massively.

Plus if anyone is wondering, after checking the orientation of the m doesn't actually matter but general consensus is that it sits at 4 o'clock so it aligns with the ports.






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