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Mountune Prices

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Hi all please give me latitude here but

Ford has a standard pricing strategy yes.

Mountune offer a single price to the dealers. With me so far

so why the
do some stealers want loads of dosh when others don't.

Arrrrggggghhhhh. Please who's got the best price. The difference between the Ford dealers in west yorks & kernans is vast.

WHY ?????????????
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It is a shame there is such a difference between certain dealers

I would keep ringing around approved dealerships for comparisons

There is only 2 Ford Dealers in Scotland who do the Mountune upgrades,luckily they are not ripping people off as it would be easy to do that with the limited choice available for fitting
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i would imagine a dealer who offers a good price will get more custom instead of a once in a blue moon customer that they rip off
It is a bit of a nightmare, when I had mine fitted in April I got loads of quotes ranging from £1100-1500. I went to Evans Halshaw in Blackpool in the end who quoted me £1234, they then said they would give me a 10% discount as I was having my 2nd service there at the same time, so in the end I paid £1111.
You would think that the price would be £1096 + 1-1.5 hours labour as quoted on the Mountune website. I dont know what Fords labour rates are though and how much they differ.
Dealers can charge any hourly rate they fancy. Not set by Ford.

Although Ford computer does tell them how many hours labour should be charged for any particular job. E.G. Fitting Eibachs - 1 hour's labour.
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