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Morego Bbr - St350

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Hi guys!

As the title suggests im after some feedback on the ST350 conversion Morego do for the ST.

Im well aware that Morego's conversions dont come cheep. But every review i've read in five different magazines (Perforemance Ford, Redline, Performance Tuner, Autocar & Evo) say they are well worth the price.

Im just wondering what they are like to live with everyday? if there are any long-term problems that have risen, that the magazines wont know about?
For example i have heard that the ST's liners cant cope anything over 330bhp, is this true?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Morego's adverts in magazines state that they offer 400bhp conversions for the ST, but i cant find any mention of it on their website...
anyone heard anythig about this?
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im sorry as i dont know enough to answer your Q

but, i shut off at £8,000

I remember reading this from autocar when it came out

They don't hang their hat on it being worth buying the way I read it.
it has been mentioned on here in the past,
not sure, but i think ronnie might have taken it for a test drive

apparently it is the fastest tuned st iirc
Adam has driven one and he reckons it drive prefect almost factory but seriously fast with exellent grip.

Imo there is no need for that sort of power on a fwd car

If anything i would just go for there handling pack but i know the Custom Touch has one on the way for half the price.

Is it worth 10K i dont think so
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I have driven the car, and Adam was there as well at the time.

To say it was underwellming is about as close as I can describe it, I would say that the look of the car is very OEM under the bonnet, and the parts used are excellent, however driving it the power was very top end due to the larger turbo hence felt laggy, to be honest I prefer the cars that are running the standard turbos.

The price well for 8k/10k, its not worth it and it still will have the problem of the cracked liners like all other ST.

If you want 300+ then add the 8k+money for your ST and look for a RS IMO.

I still think a 280+ car with LSD, ARBs is the way to go. Lots of power and grip.
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QUOTE(Ronnie @ 10 Dec 2009, 10:10 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I still think a 280+ car with LSD, ARBs is the way to go. Lots of power and grip.

Totally agree
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Yep i have driven their ex demo car, which had the 350 package and was impressive and cornered very well. But really doesnt warrant the price tag.

Im going to be launching two new power packages very soon as well as two new handling packages for different levels of performance. Im just working out some final details then everything will be underway.

If you are interested in anything then drop me a call or pm.

i just wish something could be done with the nasty power steering the ST has...........
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