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Hi all,

We've been using a modification to the software code that provided search engine / visually friendly links... you may have noticed they all ended in .html

Much like any modification to something that wasn't meant to be... there were the odd hiccups... the modification was not only a headache to install, but it also caused various additional bugs across the forum software like not being able to view search results after the second page.

I also believe that it may have been causing some issues with the page load times.

Invision Power, the makers of our forum software incorporated their own built in basic friendly links system... I have decided to revert to that.

You may now notice the links across the website are now different looking... the downside to all this.... some of the old .html links may no longer bring you to the website. I will where ever possible fix this by redirecting the old links... if you come across any, please inform me.

I would recommend, re-booking in your favourites if you have it added already.

Enough of the boring geek stuff....

NEW FEATURE ADDED - Topic Hover Preview:

You'll be pleased to see we now have enabled for 'Club Members' only Topic Hover Preview.

Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Software

Simply hover your mouse over the link and you will see a preview of approx 500 characters of the first thread.

You'll be please to know, it works in 'View New Content' and 'Search' results..... in fact, it even works on the board index on the right of the forum category which shows the latest post (I didn't know it did that until just

If you have any issues with this, please let us know in the errors and bugs forum.




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