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So its starts again....
i know this is not for every one and it gets a bit crazy some days/nights but if you are interested then drop me a line its not just a load of chavs at tescos there really is a good bunch of people that do this and you can go as fast, slow , hard drinking , t total, partying, early to bed as you like there is allsorts on this trip...
i'm booked on modball again for this year and my co driver (that doesnt drive lol...) might have to pull out as his misses is being tight with his i am looking at filling the car so to reduce costs for all of us and have a great week ...
so it costs £595 each and well we spent about £750ish on petrol and tolls and then there is fines and beer money so as much as you want to eat and drink and well dont get caught if your driving.....

so it will be in my focus st again 327bhp with 400lb/ft torque (torque of the devil dyno before christmas and i know it's a lottery but it is over 300bhp...)

i'm happy to let the guys/girls drive it as long as im happy with them, they have insurance and understand if they bend it they mend it...

so the route this year is great ....

June 9th - 14th 2010 - The Sunshine and Beaches Tour!

The 2010 route will see 500 up-for-it car fans travel from London to the continent and back to London via Le Mans, San Sebastian, Madrid, Barcelona, Monaco and Geneva, partying at every stop. Traversing stunning scenery and picture-postcard towns, the fourth annual ModBall Rally will be the trip of a lifetime. The final awards party will be held in London.

London - UK
Le Mans - France
San Sebastian - Spain
Madrid - Spain
Barcelona - Spain
Geneva - Switzerland
London - UK

so lots of hot and sunny times for us all.....
lots of models wearing not a lot.....
partys every night
and driving like crazy all the time...

so cheack out for any other info

so if you want to come then drop me a pm it will be a great week

bad news we have to pay by the end of feb but i'm sure i can get a bit of an extention on that ...

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Big problem with that route plan - you're in Le Mans a few days too early for THE GREATEST motor race in the WORLD!

Enjoy the rest of the trip!
I've driven from Luxembourg to Pamplona before in a day, which was tough going, but Le Mans is already 600km west of me - San Sebastian not being too far from Pamplona.
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