Back in October last year I had all of my hoses replaced after one started leaking. The garage told me that they had spotted that there was fluid under the header tank when they fitted the hoses, but as I'd just bought a full set of hoses and paid for the fitting I decided to delay it for a while as I was only having to top up the water by 500ml round once a month/5 weeks with my now low usage since I retired. I bought a new header tank to be ready in case it got worse, but the opposite has happened!! This year I have only topped up once around the end of January and now it is just on the low mark - but my drive has a slope so if it was level the water would be higher.

I was wondering if anyone wanted it as a stop-gap just for the cost of the postage?

I've also got a N/S headlamp for a 2006 Fiesta that I got when my Wife 'kissed' a wall when parking that did little damage to the car other than braking the headlamp mounting bracket, so MOT failure even though it made no difference to the beam pattern. It is on the scruffy side, bought used but it never got fitted as she managed to write the car off before I fitted it.

Again free - just pay the postage.