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I've an error code for general missfire, and a missfire in cylinder#1.
The car is wobblin and resonating like hell at idle. its kind of fine at 2k rpm if there is no big load. And its very powerless, have to push hard to go above 3.5k revs. I have about 80HP... The gas smell is super hard, its like bathing in gas. :D
The issue kicked in after a 5min drive at the first lil bit harder accelaration, kicking in at about 4k revs.
So yes, something is really off here.
I've started the troubleshooting. I've ordered new plugs. Installed them. The issue remained 100% the same.
Tried disconnecting MAF, Lambda but it was 100% same by having those disconnected.
Also worth mention, that during spark plug change also discovered, that all 5 is a lil bit covered with oil.The left side one is a bit more covered, and the right side is heavily covered in oil&oil mud. The plugs were in since 35k miles. (also attaching a pic about the bad one) Liquid Fluid Automotive tire Rim Auto part
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My next guess would be coils. But they are expensive, and I have a feeling that it still won't solve my problem, so i won't just order them blindly.
But maybe I'll have some luck by switching the coils, and if the issue will be a lil bit different, then yes it will be coils. And for this, I have to know which one is the #1 cylinder.
If im standing in front of the engine bay. Would it be the left side or the right side? (near the battery, or near the coolant tank? :D )

And also do you have any next guesses after the coils are sorted out? :)

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Cylinder One is at the Header Tank end.
Swapping a pair of Coil Packs is a good first move because it involves minimal disruption.
As far as the oil contamination is concerned, I'd have a look at the PCV system first.
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