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Hi guys,

How about a mini-meet next week ??

Just a sit down, a few brews somewhere and a chat ?? no drag racing ! no drifting ! no messing !....... just a catch up with our members and a brew ! I think we should use this time for all of us to say "cheerio" to Mick as well.....we all know that pre-deployment training and pre-tour leave is nearly up, so very soon he'll be on a plane to Crapistan !!

I'm thinking Sennelager ? or a Service Station somewhere on the A2 (just cos its handy for us all)

If Spike is up for it (he still has laps to put in at the Ring) How about a spontaneous Ring Trip instead ??

Let me know who's up for something and lets get it done troop aye !! (i miss you all

Merry Christmas Troops


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