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Milltek Exhaust With Satin Black Tailpipes

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I'm quite keen on a Milltek exhaust (cat back) and noticed on GGR's website they now do a version with satin black tail pipes:;item=SSXFD056

Has anyone fitted one? have you got any photos to share?

Also, has anybody got experience of the resonated vs. non-resonated versions?

... how do they compair to the standard ST exhaust (noise / drone / pops n bangs)?

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I have a non res cat back system from Milltek.

The noise, IMO is stunning! More pops and bangs and a deeper exhaust note, but no real cabin noise droning.

I saw the satin black system when I was there having mine done and it looks LUSH!!!!

On any colour ST it will look amazing, not so sure about it on my blue one, hence why I went normal!

I have a 4" rolled in from the cat back and I LOVE IT!!!
I have a resonated cat back Milltek, outside the car sounds stunning, lovely burble and pops when ou rev it and on the overrun. Inside the car its silent though, no more noise than the original which is exactly what I wanted as I do quite a lot of motorway miles.... Suits me perfectly. This is with a completely standard car too, but my DS handset should arrive tomorrow so lots of pops and bangs saturday onwards..

If you go resonated or non res I think depends if you want to go for a downpipe and sports cat too. Milltek themselves recommend resonated if you are going to add a sports cat as the non-res can drone a bit with it?

Cant help you with the satin black tail pipes, I did see them but in my opinion dont look very good..... There is also the Milltek race exhausts from pumaspeed or pumabuild, cant remember which, which will be a lot louder...

i really really want to hear one of those Milltek race systems........ I'm sure they arent road legal but hey!
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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