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Mil Eliminator

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hi guys got a decat pipe for the st going to fit but know it will thro up the management light and poss limp mode?

anyway anyone know where to get a Mil eliminator for it till i get dreamscience in the new year?

cheers greig see team torquesteer list them but not avalible to buy.

will a focus rsmk1 one fit?
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Never heard of anyone running a MIL eliminator on the ST, don't know if thats because they don't fit the connections on the ST's O2 sensors or they just don't work?

Have heard that pulling the KAM fuse resets the fault so you can just do that every time the light comes on?
if you install blufin, you can ask for a map which turns it off
iv heard blluefin gets rid can DS not do it also i really wanted DS so i could change maps i have my own obd2 reader so can clear easy enough.
Ds will turn it off and i seem to remember that a Scangauge 2 will also do it .....
These guy's sell a bit of kit that eliminates the light, but i dont know of anyone who has tried it.

Just read the rest of your post
try giving them a bell

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QUOTE(Speedfreek @ 8 Dec 2009, 06:28 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Ds will turn it off and i seem to remember that a Scangauge 2 will also do it .....

ds will turn it off ,if it it comes on but only for a couple of hundred miles or so
but with blufin it wont come on in the first place ,
but you have to ask superchips, for the mil light fix to be included in the map
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