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Mercedes World Weybride Surrey, Sunday 6th Of June

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Just wanted to see what the interest would be in organizing a day at Mercedes world ?
Here's a link
Plenty of free parking and admission is free.

They offer driving experiences from off road to AMG and spectators are welcome.

Edit. I will suggest Sunday the 6th of June I know it's a long way off but we can get the ball rolling!

Ben & Lucy
Largey ( mini cab )
sam laz
Lucy & bf
Mark83 ( to let us know on the 5th )
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QUOTE(Mark83 @ 10 Jan 2010, 08:50 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I've been meaning to go there, this might motivate me.

Even if you don't book an AMG drive there's enought to see for a good couple of hours.

Some very nice looking staff too!

Also Brooklands motor museum is next door.
QUOTE(Storm @ 10 Jan 2010, 09:11 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Will have to take us off the list Phil... we are away on our hols over that date
Enjoy yourselves!!

Scot, i just added the date as a start point as merc world is open 364 days, the final date may change.
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QUOTE(largey @ 10 Jan 2010, 09:53 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Ill be there phil
i just might have a blast in the amg and be as sick as a pig all the way home

you wait till you here the V10 AMG having its nuts reved off indoors!!!
By a young lady in a short skirt.
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Anymore want to put there names down for this?
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Ok guys and girls, this is not too far away now.

I have found out there also an event combined with brooklands museum next door.

Can you please let me know who's still coming to this.
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I was going to suggest this, because I quite fancy goodwood too.
We could do both, Goodwood then a convoy down to merc world for about midday ?
Those who want to can just meet us at merc world.
The brooklands thing looks quite interesting as they are opening up test hill for the weekend.

what does everyone think?
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I think yes yes yes. We'll have to chat and set up a great day out. Most of us are always up for a convoy but dont let me lead
We could call it a mystery tour.

mind you I can't talk I found a new and longer route to lydden hill last month.
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Right this is not far off now, so to let people know the plan for the 6th is supercar sunday, at goodwood in the morning. Then a convoy back down to weybridge for lunch and mercedes world in the afternoon

We normaly meet at the Sainsburys car park in chichester to join up with the south central massive.
Let me know who wants to convoy down to chichester with me.
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This coming sunday.

So far only Sam and me from london & se?

I can convoy with your Phil
I will be leaving Crawley again. Do you want to meet at the garage we met at before when you had the diesel? I think it was the Shell on the A24?
Sounds like a plan Sam. About 730 ish again?
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sorry I'm a bit late Phil but I'm still coming
Nice one Tony, you been to goodwood with us before haven't you? were meeting in sainsburys car park chichester. At 830 am.
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nice one Phil see you there

you haven't got the post code Phil have you mate

Ive changed my sat nav since last time

is it PO197
Yep thats the one mate.

Westhampnett Road
PO19 7YR
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nice one phil
No problem Tony, see you in the morning. No need for your cooking gear this time.
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Nah he's saving that for next week!!!
That reminds me i ment to dig that pasting table out today. D 'oh !!!
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