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Your membership expiring should not cause you to not be able to log into the website? All that the expiring membership will do is cause you to temporarily loose access to restricted owner member areas.

We are in the process of doing some major site revamps at the moment (and I know we keep saying it!) which includes areas such as the emails that are sent out by our club 'robots'. This may cause periods of down time with specific things such as membership reminders etc.

Different Club administrators over the years have caused membership's to be processed slightly differently. This causes some people to get email reminders and some others not to get email reminders. During this years life cycle of memberships (in my year of solely doing account upgrades) I will ensure that everyone is updated in the same fashion, which should in theory ensure that everyone is reminded that their membership is drawing to a close.

You can also check your subscriptions by going into your Private Messenger inbox on the site here (top right hand corner) and down the panel on the left hand side - you can see 'my subscriptions' - this is accessible 365 days a year 24/7 and will also tell you when your active subscription ends.

I'm sorry you have been inconvenienced, but I know we keep saying it; we are working hard behind the scenes to bring the club up to date.


Marc - Club Admin
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