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Melting Rear Bumper

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Help needed please.......

I am going to remove my rear bumper at the weekend to repair and repaint the bottom part where the exhausts exits, The nearside outlet (4" exhaust) has slightly melted the bumper and am going to fill and paint the aerofoil part in black.

Do i need to use std filler of fibreglass filler and opinions on finish - Matt, Satin or basecoat and laquer?? The car is EO by the way!

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Hi mate i have 4.5" slash cut pipes on my goose exhaust and when i got my st2 the first thing i did was get my mates bodyshop to trim round the exhaust ever so slighly to stop the bumper melting as it had melted a little bit but only on the driver side . You dont even notice it .
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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