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Map Sensor Fault

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What sort of symptoms would a faulty MAP sensor cause?

I've recently had the no oil temperature combined with the high pressure and constantly running cooling fan fault. After a few hours on the diagnostics machine at the dealers, they settled on the oil pressure switch being at fault. I took it back in for the switch change and had a call later that morning to say they said they had ran some more tests, made some more calls to Ford, and it appeared to be the MAP sensor rather than the oil pressure switch that was duff.

The fault was intermittent up until this point, but since changing the MAP two weeks ago, it's been fine. Coming home from work tonight, the fault has reared its head again. I wouldn't have thought a new sensor would have failed again after two weeks which leads me to think its something else thats playing up. Everything being happy for the past two weeks might just have been a coincidence.

Its going back tomorrow afternoon but I'm not hopeful.
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