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M.o.t Pass :) Yay!!!

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I took my car to Essex Ford @ Rayleigh for it's first M.O.T and am happy to report that she passed with flying colours with NO advisorys!!

I did ask the guy doing the test about the recent spate of advisory notices given on xenons that some of us have been getting on here. He stated that the DofT had stated that the xenons, albeit very good, are in fact TOO bright and have been known to distract oncoming drivers, hence why they have been told to give advisory notices!

He stated that if any car goes in through their doors with factory fitted xenons, then its a straight pass as long as they are roadworthy of course.

So, at least my car passed it's first MOT
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Nice one mate, Had mine done at work and passed, was suprised how good the beam pattern was on the xenons and how low the emission test was.

He got in mine at the end of the test and took it up to the top of the car park... he came back with a HUGE grin!!

He said "Can I ask you a question? Have you got Dreamscience fitted?" I replied that I have and he said "I gathered that by the fact that I was nearly in the fire station car park across the road in the blink of an eye!!"
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You will be pleased with the
passed with flying colours Scott,I would expect it to though

On the Xenons subject...they are great for the driver of the car with them,the ST lights are very good...

But I can find them very annoying and often too bright if I am driving towards a car with them...BMW's always seem to be especially bright
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Good news Scot, i hate mot time, usually means more expense.
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Well done mate, had ours in today for 1st MOT and 3rd Service. Everything went well with the MOT and service £330 all in.

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