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Lowered The St

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Had a mate help me fit a set of eibachs the other night, got round to cleaning it today.

also had a new bumper sprayed and fitted due to a car park ding
also fitted 2 new alloys to the offside due to kerbage from the previous owner and have touched in and polished out all the little stone chips etc

I know its pretty much standard lol but I hope you enjoy.

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How it should be mate, looks much better..
Looks awesomely shiny!!

Superb choice of colour too......Rambo approves
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Looks a very nice motor and all the better for being lowered.
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Cheers for all the comments chaps

why would i want to paint it orange and make it slower????
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Mate you gotta keep the thing looking as it is. Very clean and tidy. Only those in the know will notice the subtle differences.
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u've been busy mate cars looking good hope ur well
That's so much better.

Eibachs transform the
. They should have been like that from the factory.
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QUOTE(lazist225 @ 20 Nov 2009, 03:41 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>u've been busy mate cars looking good hope ur well

Cheers matey, yeah we are all good. i see things are looking up for you as well
hope ithose brakes i got you are cool.

i am happy with the way it sits, you should get some n swap yours out. Timbo will happily swap them if you ask him nicely lol

cheers for all the comments, much appreciated
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