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Loose Or Dirty Maf/map Sensor Plug??

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Hi guys

I seem to have developed a fault similar to that posted by a few folks, that is, oil pressure reading zero throughout a journey, oil pressure reading high and cooling fan on constantly. After reading though various posts, it would suggest it could be the MAP or MAF sensors connectors. There was also a post suggesting by someone saying they had a pending DTC - P0111 which, when cleared, sorted the problem.

This only happened tonight when I left work and was noticeable when I started the car. I got the usual rev to about 2000 rpm, but noticed that rather than the engine idling at 1300 rpm or so for a minute, it went straight to hot idle (800 rpm?). The car had been sat for around 8 hours so the engine was definately cold. The engine temperature gauge got to the normal position and the turbo gauge moved when I accelerated, but the oil pressure stayed high. There isn't any high-pitched squeeling at idle so I don't suspect the oil filter diaphram.

Does this still sound like the sensor connectors in light of the lack of cold start RPM? Its a 58 plate ST-3 with 14K on the clock. It's booked in at the dealers tomorrow afternoon, but when I described the symptoms, he said he has never heard of this before. Be nice to go armed with some suggestions.
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