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Ok, so I have now been to view the car and although the car is lovely, I have decided to leave it and look for a different colour.
As I said before the car has been repainted about 18 months ago by a professional body shop and its been done nicely and it is quite bright but there doesn't appear to be enough pearlescent in the paint so it's not quite right!
There is also the boost problem which has been investigated by 2 garages without resolution.
Other minor niggles include a temperamental bonnet release, corroded exhaust, and a driveshaft knock.
So the hunt continues....:)
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Well after loads of umming and ahhing, I now own the car:rolleyes:
Couldn't stop thinking about the damn thing!! Went back twice and gave it a good drive and it turns out it doesn't have a boost issue, just a very slight miss/hesitation right at the top of the range if you are really booting it, day to day sensible driving it's perfect and a joy to drive!
When I originally viewed the car it was in an unlit garage, and it was difficult to assess the paintwork properly but out in the daylight it's lovely!!
After a very useful conversation with Alan (aka,Bigayal) I managed to negotiate a price with the seller I was happy with.
So, she is now home, taxed and insured and gracing my drive:)
I have a few minor bits and bobs to do to her over the next couple of days so I will post up some pics in the next few days.
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