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I had to sell my MK2 ST this year due to not being able to afford it.

Traded it in for a smaller engine, one that does 40mpg.

The thing is, I absolutely adored the car. It was perfect in every way except the MPG and Tax.

It was sold in Chester within 24 hours of me trading it in.

Now I'm looking for the new owner in case they ever wanted to sell it. I'd like to buy it back.

Its a 60 plate moondust silver mk2 focus st with stage one remap, mongoose exhaust. Upgraded air intake etc.

The original plate was WP60KKE. I'm sure it now has a personal plate on it.

Just wondered/ hoped the owner was on here. Or someone knows the new owner.

I'd answer any questions about it if they had any (shouldn't. It was immaculate)

But I'd also like to have first option to buy it. If it was ever for sale.

Any help in locating the owner would be much appreciated.
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