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Hey All - Just wanted to drop a line and say a quick hey to everybody! I have been a member on the forum since May 2011, but only now decided to take a more active approach. So far I can't be grateful enough with the information the community has to offer - so a big thanks to everyone!

A bit about me... My name is Jake and I am from Sydney, Australia and I own a 2010 Focus
(or XR5 Turbo as they are down here). Plenty of mods on her, with many more to be had
. I also own an '06 Subaru WRX STI (but that's for the Mrs), with some minor mods.

My past cars have primarily been of the Opel breed (the VXR and the likes) but the growl from the 5 pot powerplant absolutely grew on me and since I've had my ST I've been smitten ever since!

And that about sums up my first post - see you all around!
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