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Hey up people!

I had my ST in at my local ford dealers not long ago.... be about 2 months ago... to have my main beam (left hand side) sorted out.

They tried a new HID bulb but that didnt fix it, so they fitted a new charger.... (in all it cost me £129 for the bulb and 109 for the charger)...

But now its gone again!

Took it back to fords and they say its impossible for it to go again!

I have swapped the bulb from the left hand side and tried it in the right one, and the bulb works!

I have also tried to find the fuse for the left hand side, but in my book it says its fuse number 139 or 140 in the passenger fuse box... so i looked.... funny coz they are labled as F numbers!!!

Anyone know what fuse it could be or what could be causing it?

Also when i out my main beam on... i can hear a quite loud kinda "relay noise"... not the motor that moves the bulbs if u know what i mean!!

Thanks for your support,

Andy Ferriby

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Could be worthwhile checking the handbook etc to see if there's a headlight relay? not sure with cars but bikes usually have them so the switch is only handling low current and the relay does the actual switching? If there are left and right relays try swapping them to see if the fault moves etc.

Especially if there's a clicking noise going on, that generally indicates something other than just an open circuit somewhere.

For the fusebox you did check in the one behind the glovebox if the handbook said passenger fuse box?

Could be worth checking the wiring connector to the headlight too, they're tight little sods and you have to take extra care when refitting it to actually check the latching tab has clicked closed - it might have backed off. Absolutely pants design of a connector btw
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