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Leak can not find

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Hi my 2015 2.0 st diesel has a leak took it the garage thay said it was a leaking egr unit so had that replaced the car is still losing coolant no leaked coolant on floor checked the expansion tank no leaks oil is fine and no smoke coming from back the heaters are working fine and no leaking in footwells any help or idea where possible to look only losing coolant when running 馃槩
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Hi bud, have you tried looking with a UV torch? Tenner off Amazon(or a pet shop) ,shows up any leaks even in daylight, trace all lines and radiator, not sure if the diesel is the same as the petrol but I remember something about pipes on the passenger side behind the glovebox/firewall ...hope you find it

Thanks Pete I will try this today

Leak found coolant houseing cilnder head that why could find no coolant on floor so egr was leaking coolant that fixed now leak number 2 getting fixed hope that the end of it.
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