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Help required please from those in the know!!

I have just bought a new Compaq laptop.

It's running Windows 7 but I have a few issues with things on the forum that are no longer visible and not sure what software I need to download to sort it!

1)...The text in the shoutbox is not there (the box is, but can't see any chat)

2)... Can't view any pictures on anyones signatures (including my own!)

3)... When posting a topic, I can't see any of the options re font size, colour etc etc...

Anyone got any ideas?

Thank you


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Not entirely sure mate as not too clued up with Windows 7.

However at work I cannot view the shoutbox text, some users signatures (including your's) and profile pics.

So I'm guessing it may something to do with internet security settings on your laptop, perhaps cookies or something like that, as our work computers seem to block most of these things.

Just a guess though matey
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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