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Knocking Found!! Very Happy

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Hi All,

Finally had an annoying knocking sound coming from the rear nearside of the ST fixed today! Took it to a well known Ford dealer in Dagenham and the techy there was very good, took him out for a spin, listened, got it up in the air, pulled on something and straight away found it. Apparently it was the suspension linkage arm that had failed! Thought I'd share in case anyone else found other knocks/rattles in the same area as this seems pretty common.

They also offered to change the power steering pump which has been recalled and I got them to respray the front bumper as its lost some lacquer and I had only bought the car last week. What a result, their also going to give it another exterior valet. :)

Very pleased with the service, considering another garage in the same chain couldn't find anything wrong and handed me back the keys with little explanation of what they had actually done.

Now it's time to spend some money and get it DCSIed up!!
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Power steering pump recall?...thats a new one to me...they had a TSB out to tighten the union that holds one of the pipes onto the pump, I maybe wrong.
When i take it to be done on Tuesday I'll let you exactly what it was.
Its not a pump change, its just a check of the pipes.

Glad they found your noise, which garage did you use?
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I could have sworn the guy said they need to change some parts.

It was Dagenham Motors on Ripple Road, Essex. They gave me a great deal on the car in the first place and thought I was going to get fobbed off by a big dealer saying there's nothing wrong but they were really good, the sales guy is even lending me his Fiesta for the day as they don't have any courtesy cars in.

They also have a couple of verrry nice RS's!!! :)
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