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Pole Position Indoor Karting
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I have been looking with Adam (ARW) at sorting out a Karting day. We have found a place in Leeds PPIK that looks like it has a great track. Quote from the site "580m long high spec tarmac circuit is the longest indoor circuit in Yorkshire and incorporates tunnels, bridges, elevated pit areas and an underpass - making it a totally unique driving experience and an impressive place to be."
Watch this if you want, a quick warning though… it made me feel sick!

We would be looking at maybe doing the Iron man 30 event which you can find details of that here
I would be looking to do it so we have exclusive hire of the place so ideally we would need 18 drivers to keep the cost to £35 per person.
If we get more than 18 drivers we would maybe need to change the event to maybe a Grand Prix but I'm unsure if we would be able to do this as it does say GP packages are only available at certain times.

If anyone fancy's it I would need a £10 deposit as soon as you confirm you are attending as I need to pay the Karting place asap to secure the date. The date may have to change if we dont get enough interest quickly as I cant reserve a date until I pay a deposit.

My PayPal address is [email protected]


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