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Got a chinese take out last night and as i got in the car i heard the
bag rustle, so i looked over and saw a pair of eyes looking out of the
top of bag at me, then disappear back inside. i was so scared i nearly
shxx myself, i looked again saw the eyes looking at me then dissapear
again, i ran back into the shop with the bag and i asked the chinese
guy what the hell was going on, he said " you no worry, it peking
duck" !

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good one.

tony blair & gordon brown were visiting a school in belfast.
worried about security they decided to bring a guard dog with them.
in the playground a child ran over, lifted the dogs tail & looked at its ass.
a few minutes later another child done the same thing.
as a third child was about to do it a perplexed tony blair said "what are you looking for"
the child replied " our teacher said. "
me! look at the dog with the two a**holes!"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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