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Jet Wash

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so i am currently washing my car x2 a week due to all the rain!!!

got fed up with geting the power hose out, so i opted for the easy route and went to the jet wash

problem was the hoses to the gun must have had grit on or something, and i now have tiny scratches on the door pillars just above the wing mirrors!!!

anyone advise a good metallic t-cut?

i have panther black and it looks awful even though they are small marks
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That G3 is very harsh can you catch the scratches with your nail?

if not light polish with menz final finish or poss lime prime if you can catch with your nail you will need some thing more
G3 is ok for polishing the paint as its whats used when a panel is repainted, or use G10 if the scratches are not too severe !! Just make sure you use a machine polisher and NOT by hand !!
Used Megs mirror glaze (ie. ) to remove light sanding marks, scratches, swirls, work great
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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