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Ive Brought Another Toy!

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Alright fellas,

Well ive finally realised a boyhood dream and got a Peugeot 205 GTI! Ive still got the ST so im a very lucky guy to have the ulimate original GTi and an ST to play with. Thought id share a little about the 205 just incase anyones interested.

I was intending to strip the 205 down as much as possible, put a cage and a bucket seat in and track it, but the interior is so tidy and the car has charmed me too much to do that, so im going to go somewhere in between and have it as a useable driver and a track toy as well.

I got the car from eBay as a runner with 6mths T&T for £750. Not a bad price, but all the bushes at the front end are shot, so it wonders around a bit and has a bit of play in the steering. nice easy fixes to all the problems though, and the engine pulls sweetly, no smoke, doesnt use water or oil and goes well.

The interior is really mint, no wear on the seats at all which is unusual, and the back seats look like new

Ive driven about 250 miles since ive had it and its awesome! People say you shouldnt ever meet your idols and as ive wanted a white, 1.9 since i was about 15 i was slightly worried i would be disappointed, but now ive got one i love it, and think i should have had one years ago!

So the plans are,
Phase 1:
All new bushes on the front end, new cam belt, water pump, tensioners etc. full service, new tyres, have a look over the rear beam ( a whole minefield i know nothing about and am slightly apprehensive about!) new brakes, braided hoses, change gearbox fluid. After this im gonna drive it for a while and see how it goes, do a couple of track days etc.

Phase 2:
Roll cage, (may keep the rear seats) new carpets, maybe some plush bucket seat, harnesses. upgrade the brakes (if needed) to GTi-6 setup or simular.

Phase 3:
Maybe... GTI-6 conversion, thats a way off yet but something i like the look of.

Anyway, step one starts tomorrow, lower wishbones off, new bushes. Cant wait.


UPDATE 2nd JAN 2010.....
Cheers for all the replies, much appreciated. Thought id give a little update as ive spent the morning in the workshop.

Today's task was wishbones off, new bushes in, new anti roll bar bushes in, but didn't quite go to plan!

Got the lower wishbones off without too much bother, but noticed that the ball joint gaitor was split and the joint a bit notchy, so rather than fit the bushes I brought, im going to buy some complete OEM wishbones with bushes already fitted. Ive read some advise that the bushes I brought were not that great anyway, so it's probably best to stick to the OEM parts. So, new wishbones needed (internet shopping here I come!)

Next was the anti roll bar. Was a tricky s0d to remove, but eventually dropped the subframe slightly and took the whole thing out. Then we noticed the new bushes I brought are slightly different to the originals. It seems the OEM part has a groove cut out of one side and on the ARB there is a raised notch to stop the bar/bush sliding. The new bushes I had didnt have this groove and therefore won't fit. I read the manual (should have done that to start with!) and it says the are 'sided' with an orange one with the groove mentioned above, and a yellow/white on without. So the 'new' bushes are in the bin, and im going with OEM parts once again. A trip to my local pug dealer is needed!

Also noticed that both trackrod ends have split gaitors, so need a couple of those aswell

Feeling a little deflated, we decided to have a good look over the rest of the car. There is a bit of rust on the passenger side front arch, but nothing too nasty, only surface, so we will sort that out. Also some nasty 'scotch locks' in the wiring which will be gone soon, and the headlights are not original (they are etched with the reg number of a D reg car, mines an E and has a different reg number) so I will replace these too. They move about alot anyway as the plastic arm that holds them to the adjuster has broken.

So all in all not very successful! But atleast now I know the old girl a bit better, and there were no nasty surprises, just a long shopping list of things to buy! Im definitely sticking with OEM parts from now on though, and DO NOT recommend the Polysport stuff I brought from Rallydesign. Bit gutted the ARB bushes don't even fit, that's just poor quality.

Anyway, here are some pics, i'll update again once the next shipment of parts arrive!




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That is a tidy looking motor for the age. I mind my mate had a black 1.6 Gti a few year ago and that didnt half shift, the 1.9 should be a quick car.
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Looking good. Outstanding interior for it age.
a very good friend of mine had one of these years ago...he had a NASTY head on (his fault) accident and the whole engine dumped on his lap

he was air lifted to hospital and spent months learning to walk again

the fireman who rescued him actually came to hospital to see him weeks later

this seemed strange, but he explained it was that he is worried paul would buy another 205

apparently 205 pugs were notorious for this in RTA's and he had been to more accidents he could count involving 205's that crumpled real bad

was this a common problem with pugs?

or was the fireman mistaken?

not sure....but it put me off buying one

which is a real shame cos they are so frikken llovely

real nice one you got there too

i didnt post this to slate your car...the oposite....i like it...just be careful
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Very nice car great condition too

I had a 88 - E plate 205 years ago,with an exhaust,K&N also fitted 90 spec clear indicators like your car has...

But by far the best thing I done was fit Koni suspension all round,the handling was brilliant it is something to consider if you plan to track it...Rear torsion bar will probably be seized but if you get them out move it round one click and the back end comes down 35 mm
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My workmate had one years and used to drive us to work and back in it.I loved it.Our boss could never understand how we got back from jobs so quickly
We had some epic journeys in it.Great car.
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Looks in great nik i had a lot of fun in a 1.9
good motors have fun mate
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I must admit i would be more inclined in leaving that one alone and buying a
for a track car.
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always had a soft spot for the old 205 but i ended up with 309 1.6 gl always wanted the 1.9gti but at the age of 19 ins was a lil bit steep

sadly got rid of the 309 due to repeating ignition probs before i cud carry old the mods i wanted to do (always consider it as a lost opportunity, cos it wudda looked mint lol)

and later on me 306 d turbo s i had suffered expensive air con control unit probs & plip kep faults (common)

so that ended any chance of me gettin another pug sadly, i love em to bits (205 gti, 309 gti, 306 gti-6, 206gti, 206 gti180) from there after i think theyve gone downhill in styling department which is a shame
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Looks nice m8. I remember coming up against a few of these when i had my XR2 and damn they were quick
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QUOTE(boost junkie @ 12 Dec 2009, 03:51 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>proper handling car!

Understatement, it will kick an ST inside out down a windy b-road. Had a brand new steel grey 1.6 when I was 24, I was so peed off when marriage forced its sale, I loved it to bits.
Looks brilliant mate. I wish I could have a toy like that!
My brother is gettin a 106gti in a few months and a have to admit i'm more excited than he is!
Looks tidy.

I spent £8k building a 200bhp 205 Mi16 from the ground up and did everything myself from suspension to brakes, engine, rear beam etc and know a fair amount about them so PM me if you need any help.

Also ensure you join, I'm still over there and it's the best car forum going for tech advice on a single model IMO.

I'm thinking of getting another 205 project at the minute.

Thunder - been in the Pug scene since they launched the GTI and never seen anything different to ant other marques in terms of accidents and I've seen plenty of 205 crashes!
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My next door neighbour had a GTi-6, said it was a great drivers car but the bodywork was made from tin foil and the build quality was s
t. Hopefully your car, being a lot earlier, will be better.
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I wonder who will be the first to say that the 1.6 was the better car
Not me, I likes me powerrrrr
QUOTE(ST225 @ 12 Dec 2009, 09:15 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Understatement, it will kick an ST inside out down a windy b-road. Had a brand new steel grey 1.6 when I was 24, I was so peed off when marriage forced its sale, I loved it to bits.I'm surprised you remember it Eric
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QUOTE(treborrobert2 @ 12 Dec 2009, 10:12 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I wonder who will be the first to say that the 1.6 was the better car
Not me, I likes me powerrrrr
I'm surprised you remember it Eric

, the grey matter works just fine Rob, it's everything else that's failing

p.s. you're not too far behind bonnie lad.
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Here's a small vid of the last trackday I did in mine, missing it now.

And if you want lots of pics of my project including beam etc go here:
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