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Is This Worth It??

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Saw this on ebay seems to good to be true tbh what do you think??? And will it fit in m 06 pre facelift st-2
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Cheers shug just away to convince the missus to buy it lol would it pair with my iphone so the phonebook appears on the screen ?
Cool mate but does you miobile phone contacts show up on the screen so you can select a number or not ,sorry to be a pain?
Any chance you can take a quick piccie and let me see it mate sorry to be a right pain you know what us scots are like lol.
Cheers mate so do i need to get an st-3 fascia trim to go around it then?
I take it yours is an st2 like mine then
lol i like the thinking i have put a bid on it early bday pressie from the wife lol gonna fone my bro who works for ford dundee to get a trim for it are you getting your trim carbon fibred hence why you dont have it on just now
Well could you believe it
pipped me at 3 seconds on ebay to beat me by a fiver all i can say is i am gutted as i emailed the guy and the thing was only a week old had the box receipt the lot now im gonna have to start looking all over again dont think i will get a bargain like that again. Any ideas
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Cheers shug im gonna have a good loook around have plenty of time to get one gonna do my fascia and console like yours in carbon fibre yhanks for all the help shug.

regards Ross
Gray i tried to but as you saw the person put the bid in with 3 seconds to go i couldnt even type it quick enuff i didnt put a bigger bid in because it hadnt had any intrest all day but hey that is the
that is ebay.
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Shug when you bought your stereo was it from outside the uk if so did you have to pay customs duty on it?
Haha that's lucky that site you gave me has that exact model for 370dollars that is 227 quid bargain at least I know I can get in there no probs mate gonna get on for bday from Mississippi thanks forcall the help bud
Right after reading your post mate just to recap i have a 06 on an 55 st-2 prefacelift with the sony headunit not the bluetooth one so if i get the stereo i have listed it will fit in my car if i get he different fascia with the rounded corners
This one looks a lot better it has RDs for radio stations and has the capability for you phonebook to be displayed when in bluetooth mode i think this is the one i shall be going for .
lol claims to be i wonder if it still has the same problem when you put the car in reverse the screen goes blank for the reversing camera but another improvment seems to be it has night mode as shug said the screen was to bright and you have to splice a wire to dim the screen when the lights go on we will see you guys will be the first to hear my report and see piccies if i decide to buy it.

Regards Ross
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