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Is this the UK's worst Ford Focus ST

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This video will make you want to cry when you realise how chavs are destroying these cars, but also make you laugh at the same time.
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I can never be sure if this a good or bad advert, on one side peeps believe they will get awesome car for 拢1900, this will show they won't.
On the other side the more,.....and I use this word with caution.......enthusiastic owners wreck these cars the fewer will be around, good ones will eventually increase in value.
Stage 2 power should be interesting 馃ぃ馃ぃ
watched this earlier, 7 owners in a year 12 altogether, will be interesting to see what horrors they find 馃憖

Here it is in person, it鈥檚 not a nice one, but many early ones aren鈥檛 right now (even more have been scrapped).

Look out for the next video about its dyno run鈥..what bhp did it make?
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The Mk2 seems to have suddenly become the new choice of the YT restorers.

Theres been a lot of poorly-done modified cars about for years and they now are just getting some 'publicity'.

I just hope these cars dont destroy the reputation of our great, well cared for cars completely.

(For the 拢1900 this car isn't really that bad - from what we know so far - and could make a decent motor with a bit of work.)
Good buy for this sum of money, over here you get a 20 year old supermini...
Good buy for this sum of money, over here you get a 20 year old supermini...
It depends if you would be happy with that paint job to be honest.

Could easily cost 5x what they paid for the car to get the whole paint fixed. There was lots of lacquer peel visible in the video.
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