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Is This Against Data Protection?

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My car is due for its 1st MOT this month, the dealership i bought it from has sent through a flyer to my house. No envelope, just a piece of printed card on one side it says MR.Watson your MOT is due ,

on the other is has the cars original registration printed in large letters along with my name and address!!!!

Thankfully i have changed the reg since buying it so the details are not all correct, but surely this is against some sort of data protection stuff as anyone along the line could run that reg on the net and find out what car it is and know exactly where it is parked
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As long as they dont give your personal information to another company/person without your permission then no.
Its not a breach at all as all the information is public knowledge as such.

Your reg number is on dsplay 24/7 on the car and anyone can access the local voters register to confirm who lives where

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No breach, though I would have words with the dealer about their privacy policy.
Zero breach. The postman delivering the post will probably see your reg at some point, know your name and your address anyway.
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