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Is There A Way To Switch Of Airbags?

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this might be a stupid question but is there a way to switch of airbags? i have a 9 week old baby and hate having her sat in the back, especially when i have to travel down the motorway and i cant see to her
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Firstly, welcome to the site

In the glovebox, there is a keyhole that , when turned with the ignition key, will deactivate the front passenger airbag....

( i checked in the manual...however, I have just been out and checked mine and my keyhole isn't there and is filled with a plastic insert instead !!)

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You have to take it to a ford dealer and get them to fit the de-activation switch/keyhole in the glovebox that turns the passenger side air bag off.
QUOTE(Mick @ 14 Nov 2009, 11:42 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You have to take it to a ford dealer and get them to fit the de-activation switch/keyhole in the glovebox that turns the passenger side air bag off.

Thank you Mick
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had this done to the smax

from memory it was quite expensive, and took them days to do it

it kept failing every time they tested it!!!
i just had a look and there is no switch anywhere so ill prob have to get one fitted...what a pain!!
QUOTE(newtoallofthis @ 14 Nov 2009, 11:13 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>it kept failing every time they tested it!!!

I've got visions of the dealership repeatedly crashing the car to see if the airbag goes off.
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It should be about £21 for the switch, and about £20 labour. My dealership couldn't get it to work, but they've since found out that they have to swap a bulb or something (the airbag warning light kept coming on every time they deactivated the airbag with the switch). I'm taking mine back to get it finished soon.
Last one i sold to a customer was about £120, there were all sorts fo problems getting the software to accept it.

Got there in the end with the help of Ford technical.

Ford do not like children in the front seat, and it is suggested that the safest place is in the rear of the car.

- Also, if your child is in the front, you will (possibly) become distracted whilst driving.... give it some thought.
newtoallofthis - yep, that's at the dealership. Actually, both my husband and I got ours done for £21 each, because the dealer had screwed things up with each order (different dealers in each case!). I'm sure my dealer quoted £20 labour though.

kosmo - £120!! you jest, surely? yes, my dealership actually failed to fit it on the 1st attempt, I have to take it back for them to have another go.

I find I'm less distracted with my daughter alongside me in the front than I am with her in the back. I can keep an eye with a quick glance out of the corner of my eye, rather than having to try and peer in a mirror. It's also easier to stick a paw out sideways and retrieve the dummy/book/soft toy than it is to reach right around behind to do so.

The safest place is actually the rear middle seat................which is the one seat you can't get isofix fixings for!!
sorry to drag up an old post, but does that mean if you have a switch in the glove box, and a light up button next to hte heated screen switch it should work and should be able to turn it off? when i put the key in and try turn it, it doesnt seem to want to turn??
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