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Ipod Connector

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Anyone know whether the 'new' Ford USB ipod connector allows you to control the ipod from the head unit if you are just using the standard 3.5mm jack connection in the glovebox?

The cable I've seen on ebay appears to have a proper ipod connector at one end and both USB/3.5mm connectors at the other, unlike a regular 3.5mm cable which connects to the ipod via the headphone output.

Allen Ford and Gates Ford are both selling this cable at around £20. The blurb suggests it is for cars with USB connectors... but then why does it also have a 3.5mm jack?

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If u only use the 3.5mm part of the lead to the glovebox aux socket u will have no control over the ipod as the 3.5mm part of the lead provides the sound while the usb part of the lead provides the control of the ipod via the head unit and bvc module

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