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Ipod Connection

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The ipod or aux connection in the glove box is doin my head in. I keep buyin the aux cabels an within a few weeks they end up not workin as they get bent an the connection inside breakes becasue of the situation of the port. has anyone found a suitable cable or re route option. cheers
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How come it bends?

Is it getting caught when the glovebox is closed onto it?

Not seen that before, the jack should sit inside the glovebox quite comfortably without it damaging the lead when it's closed.
The easiest way is to remove the cable from the glove box, and re-install it in the center console.

Or, Tomtom do a lead with a 90 degree bend which fits inside the glove box. . . . You need to find one on eBay, or buy their sat nav though
yeh when the glove box is closed an that. someone said about the 90 degree cables but no one sells em
Just pull the cable out, add yours and re-route it to a hole in the center console, most people go for the bit under the stereo, on the corner (possibly behind a flap)
I got a cable with a 90 degree plug from e-bay.

Not found a shorter one yet, but still looking.
Cheers mate i will try it!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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