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Iphone Car Mounting

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Hello all - I am currently looking for some solutions to neatly cradle my iphone in my car. I am looking to mount my phone somewhere on my lower dash - below the radio and to the left or right of the air conditioning controls. If any body out there has something like that in there car or has a suggestion it would be very much appreciated!

[Edit] I want my phone to be upright
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Hiya mate, i looked into this and there isnt alot out there im afriad.

Someone posted a link up where they got the brackets from but they were something along the lines of £25 for the mounting bracket the £30-40 for the iphone adaptor, which i think is pricey

Only other one i can find is the TomTom mount, but they are approx £100.....again to expensive for me.

Only thing i can say is check ebay as they have stuff that charges from your *** lighter with a craddle for your phone. Although most of them are cheap ones that stick on the window.

I know its not much help, but if you do find one............please please let me know
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What is the purpose of mounting it, sat nav or iPod or something else?
ST Rick - I looked into it alot myself so I probably might try and make something myself - but will let you know.
And as for why want to mount it is I have a cable that comes from inside my ashtray which lets me play my music directly from ipod (FM trans r awful for sound quality) so would like it upright and out of that way but also accessible to change songs (when stationary mr officer).
Yep, i was thinking of the same, got given one of the FM transmitter and your not wrong, they are awful.

I tried to dismantle it so i could just us the holder, but it was a 'no go'

I want exactly the same thing as you, somewhere easy to see but yet in reach to change track etc

The search goes on.....
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I have the brodit proclip and iphone holder for sale in the classifieds if anyone is interested
QUOTE(joec @ 1 Dec 2009, 07:07 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

nice pics but where does it fit & hows the iphone fit on pls
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Ive got the Parrot Kit MKi 9200

Ipod wired into glove box and mobile connected by bluetooth.

Advantage of this is that your expensive stuff isnt on display if you leave the car unattended or forget to take it with you.

Little screen can go anywhere and controls are wireless. Just a small watch battery to replace every few years.
The proclip fits to the left of the heater controls and the phone holder is screwed on to it. Then the iPhone just slides into the velvet feel holder. Check dsl developments on google they are the brodit agent for the uk.
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