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Insurance Claims

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hi all can i cancel a car insurance claim? and also if the insurance company take the car to the garage to access the damage will they tell u the cost b4 the work is carried out? if the damage price isnt to high can u opt to pay for the damage yourself instead of goin through the insurance??

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It is your car and your claim.

1 don't let it go to the approved repairer

2 was there anyone else involved, if not then if the repair si not too much then cancel the claim to keep your bonus (you will still ned to declair it though) if you did hit someone, then you ill loose your bonus when your isurancepays them out so you might as well claim for your damage anyway.

3 even if it has gone to the repairer, you can stop it anytime, do ot let them say you will have to cover recovery coss to get it to and from the bdshop as it is them that decided to take it tere and by what method etc.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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