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Ice Scrapers

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Stupid me forgot about them when clearing my window this morning, took the top off my M
, SANTA please could you arrange for a new one to be dropped off? I've been a good boy
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why did u scrape the rear windows?!

unless you have a 5 door and the kids wanna see out?
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Why use a scraper at all, just get some luke warm water, easier and much faster

But yeah, get internal ones, also fibres from your wash mitt wont get caught on the vinyl too :0
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Mmm wise words, thanks

and no its not a 5 door, what were you thinking man?
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I scraped over mine no problem although I thought about it so wasn't "pushing" so hard. I'm sure someone here will have some spare they could sell you for a few million quid
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i have 2 external silver's with red filling on the ST bit?
PM me if you want them bud?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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