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I Like The Wheels On This!!!!!!!!

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The spoiler is not an ST spoiler either


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They look like 17" winter wheels available in Scandinavia etc.
they are hub caps that came as standard on the lx focus in 2005 i think
shows what a difference wheels make haha
just typed in focus st into google think it was on wiki
Dont think i shall be getting rid of my 19''
rims for them somehow
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How old is the photo?

Could it have been an early demo/test mule/journo car?
I think It is an ST. The wheels are probably winter wheels (judging by the snow in the background) which are common n many countries, also when I was in Germany last, I saw a few STs with the smaller wing. The big wing may well be an optional extra on the continant!
They put smaller wheels on so snow chains cant snag the arches or cause damage, but the wheels are shocking i give you that!! LOL
WOW!!! Shexxxxyyyyyy.

I thought it was a motor someone modded up, to look like an

I would of told them, "dont bother".

They are for winter driving, but you can get the Ford 17"
look-a-like wheels in stead of that

There's an
review from Germany with the 17's on. Looked ok for winter. Also the German woman was nice. I watched it over an over, many a time.
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Given the price of winter tyres, most people change their wheels for smaller rims for use in winte.
My car usually runs with 18" wheels, but I switched to 17" last week for the winter months. It also means my 18s won't get knackered by salt!
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